Talia's Necklace by Heather Moore

The wide framed charms add an unmistakable texture to your necklace.  This design is perfect for a more substantial weight on your necklace!  The combination of white and rose gold gives a romantic, soft look while the white diamond accents truly make these heirloom pieces. Yet still great for everyday.

  • This 14k white gold, 14k rose gold framed graffiti charm size 9 measures 1 - 1/8" in diameter and can be personalized with graffiti style names and cherished words.  This charm features thirteen 1.5mm white diamonds, totaling a carat weight of approximately 0.195 carats. 
  • The 14k white gold framed charm with initials is a size 6 measures 3/4" in diameter and can be personalized with a wreath of initials.  This charm also has three 1.5mm pink diamonds and one 2mm white diamond weighing approximately 0.075 carats in total.
  • Known to be a powerful stone, labradorite is excellent for strengthening your intuition. 
  • This is group of an assortment of rough yellow diamonds. 
  • The Afghan Tourmaline comes in a variety of vibrant colors! This stunning pink stone will be a perfect addition.
  • This assortment of diamonds is a mix of natural, earth-toned hues. 
  • This 14k yellow gold chain measures 1.3mm thick and is a perfect match to pair with any of our charms. 

*Please be aware that the diamond setting(s) in this charm will come slightly through the back; therefore, any personalization on the back may have to be altered to accommodate this design.