Nicholas Necklace by Heather Moore

Your friends will truly be GREEN with envy when you wear this gorgeous combination!  The unique tone of the 14k green gold is subtle and perfect for those who are fans of silver and yellow gold.  Tell the world the story of the most important people in your life with this size 9 round double framed charm measuring 1 1/8” decorated with a sprinkle of white diamonds. 

  • Known as the "genius stone," fluorite framed harriet stone is believed to sharpen concentration and aid decision-making.The price reflects the Group 1 stone pictured.
  • This 14k green gold, 14k yellow gold double framed round charm size 9 measures 1-1/8" in diameter and can be personalized with graffiti style names on one side and a special date on the other side, which is stamped with scattered five petal flowers. This charm also has one 2.5mm, two 2mm, and two 1.5mm scattered diamonds weighing approximately .012 carats.
  • The electrifying intensity of the swiss blue topaz framed harriet stone will be sure to add excitement to your necklace design. A broad range of healing powers has been attributed to the topaz, from dispelling enchantments to curing bad eyesight.The price reflects the Group 2 stone pictured.
  • This pink pearl is known to promote prosperity and success, pearls emit an aura of calmness and feminine beauty.  These stones are a classic addition to any necklace and are timeless pieces for your necklace. 
  •  Rutilated quartz the yellow cast stone is thought to enhance creativity, ward off depression, aid sleep and slow aging.
  • The subtle, soothing green of this moss aquamarine harriet stone will be an elegant addition to any necklace. Aquamarine is thought to ease grief, to strengthen the will, and to encourage long and happy marriages.The price reflects the Group 1 stone pictured
  • The orange-pink-gold hue of the sunstone caused it to be associated with the sun. Considered a protective stone and once used by magicians.
  • This 14k yellow gold ball chain measures 1.8mm thick and is a perfect match to pair with any of our charm

    The Harriet Collection stones are one-of-a-kind; therefore, please be aware that these stones may vary slightly in size, shape and color.