The Helix uses TPU to diffuse the light, providing a more uniform glow. The Helix employs a twisting technology that enables the product to twist open and twist closed. The twisting is important to keeping the shape of the cube. It is lightweight and folds down to 4.25" X 1/2". It takes up less room than a #10 envelope and weighs just 3 ounces. The multicolored Merlin Helix will emit a red, blue, white, green, yellow or purple light. You can stop at each color or go to cycle setting and continually cycle through all colors. The Merlin Helix is perfect for adding color to any occasion.

Helix instructions


  • 4.25” cube
  • Folds flat to 0.25” thick
  • 10 LEDs for plenty of light
  • Set to red, green, blue, purple,yellow white or cycle all the colors.
  • Fully charged with 8hrs of sunlight
  • up to 8-12hrs of light on full charge
  • PVC-free recyclable PET material
  • Completely waterproof

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