Isabel Necklace by Heather Moore

The raised frame style is the original design of this collection.  This classic, refined look will never go out of style and will be cherished for many generations.  Celebrate your children, friends, siblings and everyone in between!  The charms pictured are sterling silver with a 14k rose gold frame, but choose the color combination that fits you.

  • The original round charm design is the ultimate sterling silver piece, both are 14k rose gold framed sterling silver charms size 6 measures 3/4" in diameter and can be personalized with a script name or any font available.
  • Represent purity, truth and compassion with these purple garnets. This stone is believed to promote a successful business. Garnets are also the birthstones for January birthdays.
  • This beautiful pink stone adds a feminine touch to any necklace because this tourmaline is associated with female energy. 
  • The darling blue of this stone helps to calm the mind and relieve stress. Topaz are a darker shade of blue, is one of two options for December’s birthstone.
  • Rich in color, the amethyst symbolizes sincerity and optimism.  This is also the birthstone for those born in February.
  • Grey Quartz gemstone; it is believed to bolster creativity and motivate inspiration for the wearer and is also considered to help balance a person's spirit and vigor and develop tranquillity.
  • This 14k yellow gold chain measures 1.5mm thick and is a perfect match to pair with any of our charms.