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Single initial- a single initial is centered on the charm
Double initial- two initials centered on charm. can be vertical or horizontal and & or . can be placed between.  
Monogram- traditional monograms are three letters. the last name initial is usually placed in the middle and a larger font is used. 
Single line- a single straight line on the charm. can be vertical or horizntal.      
Multiple line- stacked straight lines centered on charm. can be vertical or horizontal.    
Spiral- starting at noon, the spiral circles towards the center of the charm.  
Wreath- stamping is evenly spaced around the perimeter of the charm.    
Crossword- names intersect where they share a letter. nhe design is centered on the charm.    
Classic graffiti- this is the original graffiti style. all graffiti design is up to designers in order to fit on charm.      
Curved graffiti- curved graffiti design has at least one word that bends in two directions on the charm.   
Quote graffiti- a single quote that runs top to bottom. 
Puzzle graffiti- puzzle leaves very little negative space by using multiple fonts and sizes of fonts.   
One word graffiti- one word or name is scattered in the charm using different fonts and font sizes.    
Overlap graffiti- scattered words overlap throughout the design  
Straight overlap graffiti- this is an overlapping stacked line design with multiple sizes of fonts and font styles  
Linear graffiti- a stacked line graffiti that varies in font styles and sizes. all personalization is stamped off the edge   
Repeat layout- a repeated word or phrase stamped in a single font and size to fill the entire surface of the charm. all personalization is stamped off the edge. 

Scattered accents- gold accents, stamps, or diamonds are placed randomly on the charm.                                                                                                                                                                                                


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