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Accents are another way to add a unique look to your charm.

On this page we explain what the different terms are and show you examples but we have a link for you to see all of the available accents by type.

raised stamp: gold only and hand cut. this adds depth to your design. to see more examples. 

stamped: stamped into the gold or silver charm. here are more examples. within the stamped accents there are many categories for animals, travel, words, astrological, musical, religious and more.

raised gold alphabet: two sizes available. 

braille: entire alphabet plus a few often used words. 

granule accents: available in silver and 14k gold and set with white, cognac, yellow, pink and black diamonds. 

diamond accents: flush set and all are round, brilliant cut and must be set in 14k gold. sizes range from 1mm to 2.5mm. all sizes are available in white, cognac, yellow, pink, and black.

culet accents: we suggest adding one of these raised gold accents when setting 2mm to 2.5mm diamonds on the face of the charm.  



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